Security Metal Detectors for Law Enforcement

Security Metal Detectors for Law Enforcement

The use of a security metal detector can help protect security personnel.

Security and law enforcement professionals around the world have discovered that a hand held security metal detector can eliminate the need for pat downs during weapons screenings, saving the public from embarrassment and helping to protect security personnel from needles or other harmful paraphernalia.

We offer two models of hand held security metal detectors from Garrett Metal Detectors, a company with a long history of product quality and sustained commitment to product development and improvement in the security and law enforcement field.

The Garrett Super Scanner - Security Metal Detector is a long-time favorite of security and law enforcement professionals around the world. Large scan surface enables quick and thorough metal detection, and a reduction switch helps minimize rebar interference while scanning at ankle level.

The sleek, easy-grip design of the Garrett SuperWand Security Metal Detector can make anyone an effective security screener. Exclusive 360° operation, tip pinpointing, and an ergonomic grip make handling this security metal detector comfortable and less tiring even during long hours of scanning. Choice of audible or silent vibrate/LED alarm, for less conspicuous detecting.

Security Metal Detectors in Public Places

Security Metal Detectors For Law Enforcement

When tight security is important, a security metal detector is an excellent tool to protect the public and law enforcement.

Security at Public Places & Events

Protect the public and ensure safety at concerts, special events and conferences. Promote loss prevention at retail outlets. Guarantee student safety at schools and after-school sports and events with an security metal detector.