etal detector review of the Garrett Super Scanner hand held metal detector 

Our Metal Detector Review - Best Metal Detector for Sawmills and Sawyers

Because of the qualities, features, and excellent price of the Garrett Super Scanner, our metal detector review finds the Garrett Super Scanner to be the best metal detector for denailing lumber before resawing, and for finding metal debris in recalimed lumber.

It only takes one hidden nail to destroy a blade and waste valuable time and money. Mill downtime, excess saw maintenance, and missed delivery schedules all make hitting metal in timber very expensive. In our metal detector review, we found the best answer to these costly probems is metal detecting before sawing, and the Garrett Super Scanner is our top choice because of the features, price and quality.

Our metal detector review reveals you can detect and remove nails and metal hardware in logs and fenceline trees. The Super Scanner lets you detect nails, hinges, staples and metal in logs, timber and wood before it can cause damage to expensive equipment. Many of our customers have saved countless hours of expensive down time and hundreds of dollars on damaged equipment.

Denailing can be fast and reliable with the Garrett Super Scanner - Hand Held Metal Detector for sawmill operators. The Garrett metal detector can help you:

Detect metal in wood before resawing.

Compare our low everyday price on the best metal detector for denailing lumber.

Metal Detector Review Reveals the Garrett Commitment to Quality

We also reviewed the history and practices of the company behind the Garrett Super Scanner.

Garrett Electronics, Inc., DBA Garrett Metal Detectors, was founded in 1964 by graduate engineer and businessman, Charles L. Garrett. Driven to provide the best metal detector, Garrett pushed the envelope of existing technology from the start, acquiring patents for innovative equipment and features. By the late 1970s, Garrett's team of engineers knew that the key to building the best metal detector was to apply scientific principles to the latest computer technology. Their foresight and tenacity paid off in 1982 when the company was awarded the first US patent for the use of a computer chip in a metal detector.

According to our metal detector review, Garrett reinvested the bulk of its profits into product research and development, assembling one of the largest engineering departments devoted to finding new and improved ways of detecting metal.

It was also in 1982 that Garrett was approached to draw upon its expertise in the field of hobby metal detection and challenged to develop the best metal detector for security at Los Angeles Summer Olympics. Garrett was chosen after a government review, and met the challenge by manufacturing and installing 60 walk-through and 120 hand-held detectors. The two-week long historic event was a huge success. It marked the very first metal detector screening at an Olympics competition and provided the springboard for the launch of the Company's security division.

In our metal detector review, we found that Garrett's reputation for making the best metal detector is the result of a sustained commitment to product development and improvement combined with strong customer relations. Garrett also offers formal, practical instruction on how to create successful security checkpoint screening installations through the Garrett Academy of Metal Detection, a comprehensive training program.