Commercial Metal Detector on Sale

Using a Commercial Metal Detector in Industry

Commercial metal detectors can detect ferrous and non ferrous metal in products and raw materials. Metal detectors are used in the food industry, plastics and chemical industry, and the timber industry.

We offer hand held metal detectors at great prices for locating metal debris or metal contamination. The Garrett hand held family of metal detectors are unmatched for quality and reliability. Either the Garrett Super Scanner or SuperWand is an excellent commercial metal detector.

The Hand Held Metal Detector - Garrett Super Scanner Large scan surface enables quick and thorough metal detection, and a reduction switch helps minimize rebar interference while scanning near the floor.

The sleek, easy-grip design of the Hand Held Metal Detector - Garrett SuperWand offers exclusive 360° operation, tip pinpointing, and an ergonomic grip make this hand held metal detector comfortable and less tiring even during long hours of scanning. Choice of audible or silent vibrate/LED alarm, for less distracting detecting.

Find Metal Debris or Metal Contaminants

Detect and remove ferrous and non ferrous metal contaminants in raw materials or product batches.

Metal Detecting in the Timber Industry

Mill downtime, excess saw maintenance, and missed delivery schedules all make hitting metal in timber very expensive. The best answer to these costly probems is metal detecting before sawing or delivery. More about Finding Metal in Wood.

Commercial Metal Detectors for Security

A commercial metal detector can be used for loss prevention and security; as well as in the production environment for quality assurance.