Find Nail and Metal in logs

Detect Metal in Alderson, WV

We are located in Alderson, WV in SouthEastern West Virginia.
Detect Metal
Rt.1 Box 2F
Alderson, WV 24910
(304) 445 2300 is the daughter company of Vintage Log & Lumber, Inc., which specializes in antique lumber reclaimed from old houses and barns. Before antique lumber can be sold or put through the planers for manufacturing into flooring; it has to be completely free of all metal, nails, screws, or bits of wire. Planer knives are expensive and one nail can devastate the cutter heads costing precious time and money.

After experimenting with different hand held metal detectors, Vintage chose Garrett metal detectors for the important job of finding nails in logs and reclaimed wood. Often the vendors have asked to purchase a Garrett metal detector from Vintage as de-nailed lumber means more money in the vendors pocket, we have expanded to fill the need for accurate reliable and affordable hand held metal detectors. Here's more about our review of Garrett Hand Held Metal Detectors.